The Rush 700 “EVO” is the successor of the first generation Rush 700 helicopter.  It is a “direct-servo” type electric helicopter kit designed for pilots seeking a remote controlled helicopter with superb agility, performance and robustness in the 700/700-plus class.  The new Rush 700 Evo is 1.8kg lighter- almost 15% in air frame weight reduction versus its predecessor.  This tremendous weight reduction and its already superior cyclic response characteristic making the new Rush 700 Evo one of the lightest and probably the meanest 700-size machine in the market.

Going for 700+ size?  Like its predecessor, the Rush 700 Evo is designed with 700+ size in mind with large blade grips and re-designed spindle shafts.  The helicopter can be easily upgraded from a 700-size to 750-size with the optional stretched kit upgrade.

The all-new Rush 700 Evo is perfect machine for ultimate 3D smacking and competition.

Main and tail rotor blades are sold separately.  Electronics not included.


  • 112T over-sized CNC helical main gear mod 1;
  • 104T auto-rotation gear mod 1;
  • 24T counter gear mod 1;
  • 24T bevel gears mod 1;
  • 12T stainless steel helical pinion modulus 1 for 453x class motors with 6mm shaft;


  • Robust main blade grips with 3 bearings pre-fitted into each blade grip;
  • 10mm heavy duty spindle shaft using M8 lock nuts for more robustness and added locking assurance;
  • 1 piece flap dampers with medium and hard come standard;
  • Compact and solid 1-piece center hub; Rotor head design combined phasing/pitch/cyclic control levers operational precision and low servo loading;
  • Heavy duty high stretch nylon plastic ball links for today’s high-power demands;
  • Compact swash plate with maintenance friendly design;
  • Stainless steel linkage balls for strength and improved wear resistance;
  • Turnbuckle style swash linkage rods (aileron, elevator); and
  • Turnbuckle style pitch linkage rods;


  • Dual ball bearing supported one-way hub assembly with sprag style clutch bearing;
  • Triple main shaft bearing block support;
  • Bridged top bearing block for superior drive system rigidity;
  • Motor shaft end bearing block;
  • Large open saddle style battery pockets for 2* 6S 5000mAh to 7s 5000mAh packs with room to spare;
  • Ample space for modern electronics placement, ventilation and serviceability;
  • Protective flybarless gyro mounting compartment inside the chassis;
  • Direct servo to swash linkage for reduced parts count;
  • Precision cut carbon fiber main frame and other chassis parts in beautiful and stealth-looking matte black finish;
  • Standard plastic landing skids with alum tubes.
  • Optional sleek carbon fiber landing skid available as upgrade;
  • Beautifully lightweight air-brush painted bullet style canopy with superb aerodynamic characteristics;
  • Lightweight alum. canopy thumb screws included for safely securing the canopy; and
  • Canopy pin break away system for reduced frame damage.


  • Ultra rigid aluminum tail boom;
  • Ultra rigid torque tube shaft with quad ball bearing support;
  • Split ring tail control rod guides for easy install/removal;
  • Compact tail hub and gear box;
  • Dual supported pitch mechanics;
  • Anti-twist tail case w/ safety locking pin screw; and
  • Dual radial and thrusted tail blade grips.


  • Your style is at your command!
  • Go with our high-quality stock “Sun Blade” air-brush painted bullet style canopy with superb aerodynamic characteristics or choose the one the color pattern you like from our canopy selection; and
  • Select from 3 types of landing skids – plastic white skids with silver alum. tubes, plastic black skids with black alum. tubes, or the sleek, low-profile matte black carbon fibre landing skids.


  • Length: 1185mm (without canopy)
  • Height: 398mm
  • Width: 185mm
  • Air frame only with canopy weight: 1.8kg
  • Approximate Ready to fly weight: 5.0kg
  • Main Rotor Diameter with 710mm blades : 1608mm
  • Tail Rotor with 115mm blades: 296mm
  • Torque Tube drive gear ratio: 4.33:1 (104T/24T)


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