The Rush 700 (V1) is original Rush helicoper with the “push & pull” servo crank arm system. It is the perfect design for pilots seeking a remote controlled helicopter with agility and performance but offers precise stick movement and mininum servo wears / extra servo protection. The kit comes standard for 700-class with a 700 boom and it is upgrade-able to 750-size (using 750mm blades) with an optional upgrade stretched kit.  It is the perfect machine for ultimate 3D flying and competition and a true 700/750 sized, radio controlled helicopter. The kit includes a traditional bullet-style painted canopy with original Rush sky blue with neon yellow & red accent color scheme.


  • Main gear CNC helical 112T modulus 1;
  • Auto-rotation gear 104T modulus 1;
  • Counter gear 24T modulus 1;
  • Bevel gears 24T modulus 1;
  • Dual Ball Bearing supported one-way hub assembly with Sprag style Clutch Bearing;
  • Triple main shaft bearing support;
  • Bridged center bearing block to motor mount for superior drive system rigidity;
  • Motor shaft End support bearing block;
  • Large open saddle style battery pockets for up to 7s packs with room to spare;
  • Ample space for modern electronics placement;
  • Protective flybarless gyro mounting compartment;
  • Easy servo install/removal design;
  • Zero pitch mechanical alignment pinning system;
  • Canopy pin break away system;
  • “A” arm swash phasing with bell crank control to preserve servo precision and reduce servo wear commonly found on direct linkage side loaded servos; and
  • 2mm carbon fiber frame parts.


  • Ultra rigid aluminum tail boom;
  • Ultra rigid torque tube shaft with quad ball bearing support;
  • Split ring tail control rod guides for easy install/removal;
  • Compact tail hub and gear box;
  • Dual supported pitch mechanics;
  • Anti-Twist tail case w/ safety locking pin screw; and
  • Dual radial and thrusted tail blade grips.


  • Beautifully air-brush painted bullet style canopy with superb aerodynamic characteristics.


  • Robust triple radial bearing main blade grips 10mm spindle shaft;
  • 1 piece flap Hard 3D dampers;
  • Compact center hub;
  • Innovative combined Phasing/Pitch/Cyclic control levers with dual step bearing placement for increased operational precision and low servo loading;
  • Heavy duty plastic ball links for today’s high-power demands;
  • Compact swash plate with maintenance friendly design; and
  • Stainless steel linkage balls for strength and improved wear resistance.


  • Length: 1190mm (No Canopy)
  • Height: 418mm
  • Width: 203mm
  • Air Frame only with canopy weight: 2.1kg
  • Approximate Ready to fly weight: 5.08kg (11.2Lbs)
  • Main Rotor Diameter w/ 710mm blades : 1608mm
  • Tail Rotor w/115mm blades: 296mm
  • Torque Tube drive gear ratio: 4.33:1


Standard Stock Rush 700 (V1) Kit


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